House Concert Sponsorship

The Bing Arts Center’s House Concert Series takes advantage of our coffeehouse/club-like performance space to present performances by outstanding solo musicians and ensembles in an intimate setting. These concerts feature the “up close and personal” feel of a residential house concert combined with the convenience and accessibility of a small, comfortable venue. The fully accessible restrooms and a concession area are adjacent to the “listening room.”

In addition to being acknowledged in all publicity and promotional efforts including ads, interviews, flyers, posters, banners, signs, and social media/website posts, sponsors are publicly thanked during greetings and introductions before each and every event. They are also welcome to attend private events with the artists, and provided with concert tickets when desired. Sponsors of entire series are given naming rights to the series if they wish. For example: The ______House Concert Series at the Bing Arts Center. In some cases, private concerts can be planned and scheduled.

Single Concert

Fall or Spring Season



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