Thank you for your interest in supporting the Bing Arts Center. We welcome donations from local businesses, organizations, and private individuals to help fund our ongoing programming efforts and operations. Sponsors are being sought to underwrite musical performances and independent motion picture screenings. Sponsors are acknowledged in all publicity and promotional efforts including ads, interviews, flyers, posters, and social media/website posts.

Our year is divided into two five-month seasons, Fall – September through January, and Spring – February through June, and a two-month Summer season, July and August. We schedule one performance in our House Concert Series and one screening in our Independent Film Series each month.

The Bing Arts Center’s House Concert Series takes advantage of our coffeehouse/club-like performance space to present performances by outstanding solo musicians and ensembles in an intimate setting. These concerts feature the “up close and personal” feel of a residential house concert combined with the convenience and accessibility of a small, comfortable venue. The fully accessible restrooms and a concession area are adjacent to the “listening room.”

The Bing Arts Center’s Independent Film Series makes arthouse programming readily available to the Greater Springfield community. The Bing’s “listening room” works just as well as a cozy screening room. Independent films that originally screened 20 miles north or south can now be easily enjoyed closer to home for local cinema aficionados. Fresh popcorn and other refreshments are close at hand and a friendly, sociable atmosphere prevails.

The Bing Arts Center supports Youth Arts Education by offering Saturday workshops (poetry and creative writing, puppetry, studio art), student exhibitions, and opportunities for participation in public performances. School vocal and instrumental ensembles are able to present concerts for the public. Youth open mics are scheduled on a monthly basis at the Bing by Teatro V!da. Student movies are also screened for families, friends, and the public. These opportunities foster the students’ development of imagination,creativity, communication skills, and self-confidence.

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