The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari DVD


Bing Arts Center Productions presents The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, with an original score performed by Not So Silent Cinema.

One of the most influential German Expressionist films, tells the bizarre tale of a serial killing somnambulist and his demented doctor. With its jagged, angular sets painted in dream-like abstractions and the stylized, jerky movements of its actors, the film became a hallmark of the German Expressionist style. It is also the first film to make use of a “twist ending”.

Not So Silent Cinema has composed a brand new score to this silent classic. Dreamy organ chords, a throwback to the early silent film accompaniments, provide a camp horror texture upon which the ensemble builds layers of musical suspense ranging from the melodramatic to the avant-garde. As the film’s plot descends into madness the musical composition follows it, fracturing into a disassociated pastiche of disjointed ideas.

©2014, original content by Not So Silent Cinema and Bing Arts Center. All rights reserved.

Not So Silent Cinema:
Carlos Santiago: violin
Brendan Cooney: piano, organ
Larry Goldfinger: clarinet
Chris Coyle: bass

Recorded at Rotary Records, West Springfield, MA.
Engineered and Mastered by Warren Amerman.
Cover Art and Design by Merrilee Aurora Hale.

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