Education Program Sponsorships & Donations

Over the past few years there has been a drastic decline in arts education all over the country. Whatever the causes, whatever the big picture cure, the fact is that many kids today are growing up with minimal exposure to arts education. That means that these children will not be able to read music or understand spatial concepts in art or learn how to enunciate and articulate properly through theater. These are not obsolete skills.

We at the Bing hope to fill the need for arts education at the elementary level. We are currently running education programs for 6-12 year olds in various disciplines.
Our instructors are experienced and passionate about what they do. We have had two successful seasons so far and hope to grow the program far into the future. The children have shown amazing dedication to their projects and have progressed greatly through their enrollment. The greatest delight is seeing their satisfaction after the end of season show.

Details of the program are on our website or in the program overview documents. As a community arts venue, one of our commitments is to make the arts accessible to everyone. While we are charging a nominal fee for participation in the program, through the generosity of our patrons, we are able to offer scholarships to 50% of our current students. Through the availability of scholarship funding, talented children are able to participate regardless of their family’s income.
Aside from the value of having done something generous for the community, season sponsors, scholarship donors and patrons get a wide variety of benefits including recognition in media releases and on the website should they so choose.

Please choose your sponsorship preference from the options below, and you will receive a letter from the Bing Arts Center to prove your non-profit donation:

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(for other amount please use your PayPal® Account to send us a donation to, or print the PDF and mail
the completed form with your check to: Bing Arts Center • 716 Sumner Avenue • Springfield, MA 01108

Please contact our Program Director for more information. Ipsita Lizardi at or 413-222-7449